Nicole Richie love

Posted: Apr 13 2014


Our first post, and for some reason it felt right to be talking about Nicole Richie, simply because she's AH-MAZING. She's accomplished so much. Who would have thought someone who was once known simply as Paris Hilton's "sidekick" would become such a wonder woman?

Now, Nicole owns her own fashion brand "House of Harlow", has a wickedly funny web series "Candidly Nicole", has a loving family (I still can't believe she's a mom - simply because she's still so... crude - this is a compliment by the way ;)).

I love her, I do. She might not be out there working on cancer research and saving the world, but she's still MY role model. She's doing what she loves, she's in a happy, loving relationship, she's still her wacky self even after having kids and let's not forget she looks gorgeous juggling everything. 

What else could a girl want? 


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